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1.1 Sleep paper - Society in this day and age demands the...

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Society in this day and age demands the sacrifice of sleep, yet it is not a dismissible activity. Sleep is an action that nature demands of us. It is a universal characteristic like eating or drinking. Humans could survive longer without food than without sleep. When a person’s sleep fails to meet required quality or quantity they pay a steep price in depressed mood, reduced performance, damaged social relationships, and poor health. A standard amount of sleep, eight to ten hours a night, is vital to the learning processes, safe functioning, overall bodily health, and development of persons six years of age and older. Society expects their heroes to be resilient and tough. This includes the expectation that great figures will be able to get along with less than the amount of sleep normal people need (Gale 1678). If the standard amount of sleep is not obtained on a regular basis it can lead to hefty costs including but not limited to: Cardiovascular Disease, depression, loss of cognitive reasoning, reduced reaction time, obesity, and irritability (Behrens 572). According to the United States Surgeon General, sleep disorders and deprivation costs the United States in upwards of $15 billion in health care expenses and $50 billion in loss of productivity each year (Pilcher 627). Lack of sleep chips away at quality of life while creating a greater susceptibility to disease and injury. The value of sleep has become greatly decreased in value by the 24-hour society we live in today. Each night millions tune into “The Late Night Show”, or even the “Late Late Show”. Most of these viewers will be commuting to work the next morning at seven or earlier; now how safe is it to drive to work when there are so many sleep deprived motorists? Teens fall victim to the sleep sacrifices society demands as well. Late work or athletic practice coupled with 2 hours or more of homework a night can keep high school and college students up into the wee hours of the morning, allowing for only a couple of hours of sleep before class the next day. Strange how a time period in which people spend 2/3 of their lives in is disregarded or deemed optional. By most, sleep is regarded as a waste of time and the less time spent on it the better. The world is full of people indebted to sleep (Martin 575). The debt accumulated can not be paid in monetary values or energy drinks; it is taken from our bodies, whether we are ready to pay or not. It is said that lying around and sleeping too much will only make you sleepier; when in reality people feel sleepy on weekends and during holidays not because they are sleeping too much, but because they have slept too little the rest of the time. Normal bodily health and growth is maintained through proper sleep at night. During rest, the body can focus on producing growth hormones and more antibodies to repair any damage or fight infection. A decrease in sleep means a decrease in these helpful chemicals and can cause greater susceptibility to disease or infection. Deep sleep is a restorative sleep. It is a time
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1.1 Sleep paper - Society in this day and age demands the...

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