EX 3Q's - 1. Combustion of charcoal on a barbeque grill is...

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1. Combustion of charcoal on a barbeque grill is A. Fixed bed combustion B. Pulverized coal combustion C. Fluidized bed combustion 2. ASTM method of coal classification uses _________ to classify low rank coals A. Volatile matter on a moisture and ash free basis B. Moisture content on a fixed carbon basis C. Volatile matter on a dry mineral matter free basis D. Calorific value on a moist mineral matter free basis 3. Over 90% of the coal produced in the U.S. is burned for either process steam or power a. True 4. The ultimate analysis of coal is A. The moisture content B. The elemental composition C. The calorific value (heating value) D. All of the above 5. Generally, a low rank coal is an older coal than a high rank coal a. False 6. Proximate analysis does not include the analysis of A. Ash B. Oxygen C. Volatile Matter D. Moisture 7. ASTM method of classification of coal uses___________ to determine high rank coals A. Moisture on a dry basis B. Mineral matter C. Volatile matter on a moisture, mineral matter free basis D. Fixed carbon on a volatile matter free basis 8. Volatile matter is determined in a/an __________ atmosphere A. Air B. Inert C. Oxygen 9. Dry ash free volatile matter is higher for A. Lignites B. Bituminous coal C. Anthracites D. Subbituminous coal 10. Lignite is relatively "young" and approximately A. Fifty years old B. One thousand years old
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Sixty million years old D. Two hundred years old 11. Exploration, production and refining are the A. three main functions of a refinery B. three main activities of the petroleum industry C. three main processes by which crude oil is upgraded into useful compounds 12. A process in which the molucule is altered keeping the length of the carbon chain the same A. Cracking B. Distillation C. Reforming 13. Parrafins are A. always solids B. always liquids C. always long straight aliphatic chains D. have the molecular formula CnH2n+2 14. We use unleaded gasoline because the tetraethyl lead used in "leaded" gasoline A. is harmful to humans B. has become too expensive C. was in limited supply D. is released into the atmosphere 15. Refining is the upgrading of crude oil to more useful products a. True   16. n-heptane is assigned arbitrarily an octane number of A. 87 B. 92 C. Zero D. 89 E. 100 17. Process for breaking large paraffin molecules into gasoline is called
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EX 3Q's - 1. Combustion of charcoal on a barbeque grill is...

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