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BIOLOGY 101 Study Guide Chapter 12, 13 Pp218-224 Know the cell cycle, the events that happen in the various phases and the major checkpoints. Know the steps of mitosis and the major occurrences in each step. Pp238-239; 243-247. Know the steps of meiosis and the major events that happen in each step. Self-Quiz page 250: 1-4, 9 Chapter 12 . pp 218-225. Under what circumstances does cell division occur in organisms? Know the meanings of: genome, gametes, somatic cells, chromosome, chromatin, sister chromatids, centromere. In general, what is the difference between mitosis and cytokinesis? Between mitosis and meiosis? Concept check 12.1. What are the phases of the cell cycle and, in general, what occurs during those stages? To the extent covered in class, know the stages and events of mitosis and cytokinesis? Pp 229-230. What are the checkpoints in the cell cycle, and what are the functions of cyclins and cdks in regulating the cell cycle? What happens in cancer cells? Concept check 12.3 #1,5, 6. Self quiz #4,5,9-11. FIGS 12.4, 12.5, 12.6, 12.14, 12.16 Chapter 13. pp238-239. What is the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction? Concept Check 13.1. pp 243-247. Know the stages and events that occur during meiosis. What are the differences between meiosis and mitosis? Concept Check 13.3. What factors lead to variations possible in meiosis? Self quiz
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Study Guide - BIOLOGY 101 Study Guide Chapter 12, 13...

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