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Angela Kramperth Barber 1/22/08 Homework 2 1. I think that psychologist would say that our instincts have motivation behind them. When this man attacked a pedestrian, he had to have seen some sort of opportunity in this particular pedestrian, either that or somewhere is that man’s mind a trigger went off and the pedestrian was either the cause of it, so he was attacked. Possibly, the man’s trigger already went off and the helpless bystander just so happened to be there. The man’s aggressive instinct obviously overpowered him when he attacked that pedestrian. In the case of the altruistic instance, the bystander saw a human in need of help. Many people would’ve helped this pedestrian if they had known that he was attacked because if the table’s had been turned, they would want someone to help them. 2. Terry’s hunger drive, which is a primary drive, started bothering him because he hadn’t eaten all day, so his body was telling him what to do in order to reach homeostasis. He was driving and he saw a McDonalds sign, since he was so hungry he
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