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1. The adaptive theory of sleep is explaining why animals sleep at the certain times that they do. The restorative theory explains why animals need sleep, which is so the body can regenerate all the chemicals and energy used up during the day. 2. I would tell George that he shouldn’t work out so close to the time that he is going to sleep, his adrenaline will inhibit his body from getting to sleep faster. Also, drink and eating is also probably not a good thing, it is going to mess with his stomach and could keep him up longer. If George knows that he is going to bed soon, he should focus on sleeping and not do things to get his body worked up because that is going to do nothing but keep his up longer and maybe cause insomnia. 3. Freud might say that Franco’s dream about him cheating off another classmate’s test has something to do with his past, where either he cheated in some sort of aspect, not necessarily on a test, or he felt he was cheated in some sort of way. The activation-information-mode would just say that his dream is really just like
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