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Angela Kramperth Barber 4/1/08 HW 11 1. I think Piaget would say the adjustment technique that is giving Carter a hard time is conservation. Conservation is the ability to understand that changing the appearance of an object does not change the object’s nature. Carter is probably having a hard time understanding that cursive letter and regular letters can spell the same time and mean the same thing, so he shows resistance to the change of writing style. It could also have to do with the concrete operational stage, which would just simply mean that Carter is starting to form his opinions and thoughts, so it would be common for Carter to reject cursive handwriting because he does not understand it. 2. Ivan is 3 years old, at that age; no child is really able to see the world through someone else’s eyes. His mother’s comment that told him to put himself in the other’s place when he takes their toys away, really means nothing to Ivan because he mentally cannot do that. It is inconceivable to him. The only thing that I can
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