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psy HW8 - Angela Kramperth Barber HW 8 1 In terms of...

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Angela Kramperth Barber 2/4/08 HW 8 1. In terms of chromosomes, if the 23 rd pair of chromosomes are double X, then a female will be born, and if the 23 rd pair is one X and one Y, then a male will be born. Which in turn means that the double X chromosomes releases female sex organs and the one X one Y chromosomes release male sex organs. 2. Environmental influences makes the most sense to me. I mean, to a certain degree biological influences determine a lot about a child, like how tall that child will be, what color hair, and culture and gender has to ultimately affect the child as well, even moreso than the biological influences. But overall environmental influences is what each individual different, no two people will go through the exact same thing their entire lives, which is why everyone is unique. When you think about how people grow up (which type of neighborhood, in the streets, in suburbia, on a ranch, whatever), that, in my opinion, forms their attitude, motivation, and overall outlook on life.
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