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Angela Kramperth Barber 2/26/08 HW 7 1. The input devices would be the actual memories being stored. If you “typed” something or clicked on a picture to remember it. The RAM would be your short term memory because it is there to help you remember what you need to know at that certain point in time, the immediate stuff. The hard drive would be the long term memory, because it has a lot of storage but not all of it is used all at once, so some of it is stored. 2. I think “chunking” would be the method used for this, if the numbers are stacked into meaningful units or chunks, and it lets the person sort of trick their brain into remembering more. 3. I could ask the witness to recall everything that happened that night, and since this is stored in their iconic memory they probably won’t be able to remember every little detail, the way that could help is I could say point out something they got “wrong” from their recollection and then point out that this eye witness isn’t
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Unformatted text preview: validated because of their poor memory. 4. Visuals are stored in short-term memory. A person doesn’t really remember everything, unless they “rehearse” this memory so that it is eventually stored into their long-term memory. In any case, memory is not like a video, it is when you first see the image, but after that point most of the memory is lost. 5. Tuesday 7-9:50pm/selective attention. I found this topic interesting because it was almost like you could remember what you wanted to remember and not remember the things you didn’t want to. So a whole mess of things could be going on around you, but if you focused in on one specific thing that is what you would’ve remembered. I just wondered if even though a person only remembered what they wanted to remember, if that unwanted memory is still there....
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