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Angela Kramperth Barber 2/19/08 Homework 6 1. 65% of the “teachers” went all the way when they were told to shock their “learners.” This shocked me, but at the same time I completely believe it. In our society we are taught from the very beginning that our authority figures know what is best and to listen to their directions. So, especially when a person is put in such a controversial experiment like this one, they must feel as if they have no choice but to listen to the directions given from the experimenter. 2. The subject in Asch’s experiments were tricked into conforming basically. The subject was first shown 3 lines and then 1 line and they had to say which of the 3 were closely related to the 1 single line. There were confederates present and that persuaded people’s answers because they didn’t want to be the one that was different. Groupthink has a lot to do with this. I think it is more of the “the nail sticking out gets hammered” theory, which I feel has to do with pressure. 3.
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