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psy HW5 - Angela Kramperth Barber HW5 1 Firstly inside a...

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Angela Kramperth 2/12/08 Barber HW5 1. Firstly, inside a cell is a liquid solution that contains electrically particles called ions. The inside of the ion is negatively charged while the outside is positively charged. A cell receives a strong stimulation from another cell when a dendrite (structure that receives messages from other neurons) is activated. Once that happens the cell membrane opens up and it allows the sodium ions to enter the cell. Once that happens the electrical charge will actually reverse and that starts at the axon (tube-like structure, carries the neural message) closest to the soma (responsible maintaining the life of the cell), then the charge moves down the axon. When the charges reverse this is called action potential, after this happens the cell membrane pumps the sodium ions back outside the cell and the whole process started all over again. 2. Neurotransmitters are the molecules that make up the chemicals that are suspended in the fluid of the synapse. They transmit messages. There are different
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