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psy HW4 - expressions Researchers have found that the left...

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Angela Kramperth Barber 2/5/08 Homework 4 1. There could be many reasons to why these 2 girls reacted differently towards the same grade. The main reason is probably because they grew up differently and different expectations are involved with the two’s family and friend’s reactions. Pat’s surroundings probably had people throughout her life telling her that a B grade was not a bad thing, whereas Maria probably was told that a B was unacceptable. The cognitive arousal explains this perfectly because the two girl’s took cues from their environment when they were younger and that’s how they have formed their opinion on their grade. 2. The James-Lange Theory of Emotion explains this sequence of events best. Harold’s body reacted first to the sound, and then a little while later it registered what he heard and he realized he should be scared. 3. The amygdala is in charge of controlling fear and it is responsible for most facial
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Unformatted text preview: expressions. Researchers have found that the left hemisphere controls generally bad emotions (sadness, anxiety, depression, etc.) 4. More than likely, Rob is going to start feeling happy or happier if he was already happy. It is almost like tricking your body into feeling an emotion. Because he is humming a happy tune and he starts to smile because of it, his body takes hints towards his actions and his emotional response is happiness. 5. Tuesday 7-9:50pm/The Facial Feedback Hypothesis. I thought this was interesting because I can remember my mom telling this. Whenever I was mad or upset she would tell me to smile and I would get happy. I would always get so mad at her because of it and I would say “I can’t hide my emotions.” I would want to see the evidence against this finding, then I could use that against my mother....
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