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Angela Kramperth Barber 1/15/08 Homework 1 1. They are giving explanations. They are sitting with each other and they are coming up with possible reasons as to why the two men are arguing in such an aggressive way. The psychologists are trying to determine why what is happening is happening. 2. Control/Influence. The students are trying to find out the advantages and disadvantages to possibly see why someone would become a serial killer, maybe they believe that by doing this they can look for the patterns that are associated with serial killers and possibly prevent them from killing. 3. A. Description came first because the psychologist was trying to determine what exactly was happening, so Ann was evaluated so the psychologist could understand exactly what was happening. B. Explanation came next because the psychologist sent out questionnaires to different teachers to possibly find out from their observations if this case has happened before so the psychologist could
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Unformatted text preview: possibly find out why this difficulty is happening. C. Prediction then occurred when the psychologist determined that a particular diet might cause the learning problem, the psychologist is really saying that putting kids on a certain diet might make them do bad in school. D. Control/Influence came last because the psychologist designed a study that could either prove or disprove her hypothesis that a particular diet could cause a learning problem. 4. Predicting. Mr. Brown has just made a hypothesis that saying the weight of grade school students is directly influenced by their reading skills. 5. Tuesday 7-9:50pm/”Little Peter.” I thought this was really interesting the way Mary Cover was able to counter-condition Little Peter. I have never heard anything like that before, it just surprised me how she was actually able to reverse the affects of conditioning....
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