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EXAM2_07 - Do you need a CSMA/CA MAC protocol since you are...

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ECE4607: MOBILE AND WIRELESS NETWORKS EXAM 2: APRIL 4, 2007 Dr. Ian F. Akyildiz Ken Byers Chair Professor in Telecommunications Broadband and Wireless Networking Lab School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Goergia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA 30332, USA Tel: 404-894-5141; Fax: 404-894-7883; E_mail: [email protected] URL: http://www.ece.gatech.edu/research/labs/bwn THIS IS A CLOSED BOOK EXAM. DURATION is 75 MINUTES. ALL QUESTIONS HAVE THE SAME WEIGHT. YOUR ANSWERS SHOULD BE SHORT AND RIGHT TO THE POINT. 1. Suppose you are in the room with a friend of yours. Each of you has a laptop. Using WiFi (IEEE 802.11) can you communicate directly with each other without any intermediate device? Explain your answer. 2. Why do people develop IEEE 802.11g while IEEE 802.11b works fine? Give 3 reasons. 3. Why is Infrared much less used than the radio communication for 802.11? 4. Suppose you have an IEEE 802.11 WiFi set-up in your home?
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Unformatted text preview: Do you need a CSMA/CA MAC protocol since you are the only one to use the WiFi access? 5. What are the major differences between Bluetooth and classical Ad Hoc Networks? Give 3 reasons. 6. What is the basic idea behind Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum? Explain briefly and explain how it is realized in Bluetooth? 7. Why do we have 3 different data traffic packet types in Bluetooth? D1, DH2 and DH3? 8. What are the advantages of Mobile IP? Give at least 3 reasons. 9. Explain very briefly the Mobile IP procedure. 10. How is the Triangle Routing Problem solved in Mobile IP? 11. What type of problems are caused by the solution to the Triangle Routing problem? 12. Why people are trying to develop Mobile IPv6 cases, in other words, what are the problems with Mobile IPv4? Give at least 3 reasons briefly....
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EXAM2_07 - Do you need a CSMA/CA MAC protocol since you are...

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