Syllabus ME3720 Spring08

Syllabus ME3720 Spring08 - January 3, 2008 ME 3720B:...

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January 3, 2008 ME 3720B: Introduction to Fluid and Thermal Engineering Spring 2008 George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology Catalog descriptions: Theory and application, but no exhaustive treatment of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer in analysis and design of fluid and thermal energy systems. Prerequisites: CHEM 1310 General Chemistry (or Chem 12X1) and PHYS 2211 Introductory Physics I (or PHYS 2231) and MATH 2403 Differential Equations (or MATH 24X3/2413) Textbook: M. J. Moran, H. N. Shapiro, B. R. Munson, and D. P. DeWitt, Introduction to Thermal Systems Engineering – Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer Instructor: Bong Jae Lee, Postdoctoral Fellow of Mechanical Engineering, 303 Love Bldg., Tel. (404) 385-4216, [email protected] Office hours: Monday 1:30-4:00 p.m. or by appointment. Web page: T-squared. Class time and location: MWF 8:05-8:55 a.m. Instructional Center (Bldg. 55), Room 105. Homework: Please read the relevant sections of the textbook before each lecture and read the book examples carefully before doing homework. There will be eleven (11) homework assignments, due before the class as indicated on the schedule page. Solutions will be posted on web after the due date. The steps described in Section 2.6 must be followed in doing homework
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This note was uploaded on 04/28/2008 for the course ME 3720 taught by Professor Lee during the Spring '08 term at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Syllabus ME3720 Spring08 - January 3, 2008 ME 3720B:...

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