Final Exam Acronyms sorted

Final Exam Acronyms sorted - 3GPP 3G Partnership Project...

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Sheet1 3GPP 3G Partnership Project ACCH Associated Control Channel ACI Adjacent Channel Interference ADC Administration Center AGCH Access Grant Channel AICH Acquisition Indicator Channel AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone System AUC AUthentication Center AUX BCCH Broadcast Control Channel BCCH Broadcast Control Channel BCH Broadcast Channel BCH Broadcast Channel BER Bit Error Rate BS Base Station BSC Base Switching Controller BSS Base Station Sub-System BTS Base Transceiver Station CBCH Cell Broadcast CHannel CCCH Common Control Channel CCCH Common Control Channel CCH Control CHannel CD/CA-ICH Collision Detection/Channel Assignment Indicator Channel CDMA Code Division Multiple Access CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data CN Core Network CPCH Common Packet Channel CPICH Common Pilot Channel CS Circuit Switched CSD Circuit Switched Domain CSICH CPCH Status Indication Channel CT-2 Cordless Telephone 2 CTCH Common Traffic Channel D-AMPS Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System DCC Digital Color Code DCCH Dedicated Control Channel DCCH Dedicated Control Channel DCH Dedicated Channel DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone DMH Data Message Handler DPDCH Dedicated Physical Data Channel DSCH Downlink Shared Channel
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Final Exam Acronyms sorted - 3GPP 3G Partnership Project...

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