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ME 3720 B Introduction to Fluid and Thermal Engineering (Due January 16, 2008 in class) TO: Dr. Bong Jae Lee January 16, 2008 FROM: Name (type your name here) SUBJECT: Homework #1 Use this sheet as the cover sheet for your homework. Check appropriate boxes below: Yes No A. I have reviewed the syllabus for ME 3720B. B. I have read Chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook. C. I have followed procedure on pp. 26-27 whenever possible . D. I understand that laptops are not allowed during lectures and exams. (1) Problem 1.1 (You do not need to follow the procedure)
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Unformatted text preview: (2) Problem 2.8 (3) Problem 2.18 (4) Problem 2.21 (5) Problem 2.25 (For the plotting parts, you can calculate a few points and sketch them by hand. However, the trend and shape must be correct.) (6) Problem 2.28 N.B.: (i) Not all the steps described on pp. 26-27 are necessary. Please make your answers legible. You are encouraged to discuss with other students. (ii) Homework grade will be largely based on effort rather than correctness. Please carefully compare with solutions afterwards....
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