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COM 250 The Value of Creativity in Your Life or How COM Majors Should Think - Anything new in your life today? - What’s your reaction? o Avoidance? o Realization? The world no longer rewards avoidance More and more it simply ignores it - Now we see through a glass darkly trying to make sense of the communication technology of prehistory o When we do not know we must suppose “I think they made this because…” o “What is cultural context?” The problem with frames: Seeing cultural context as a frame puts meaning “out there” somewhere in a frame built by powers beyond my control. It seems more accurate to assert that meaning gets created in
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Unformatted text preview: that awesome laboratory we talked about in class. Framing may well describe the way in which messages are structured in the world—but a lens may be a better metaphor for how that manipulation of the world affects our interpretation of it. Information turns into meaning inside our heads depending on the way we “see the world” A cultural lens defines the process by which we merge those patterns which have generalized meaning for the group with our own particularity-Process vs. Product o Tend to value product more then process-...
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