Lecture 18_Relationships

Lecture 18_Relationships - 5 Women 6 Men Love Relationships...

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Relationships 0. Secure Relationship Style 1. Avoidant Relationship Style 2. Ambivalent Relationship Style Relationships 1. Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love Friendships 0. Men, Women, and Friendship 0. Trends of friendship 1. Development of Friendship Styles 1. Children 2. Adolescents 2. Friendships over the lifespan 3. Adolescents and developing intimacy 3. Flexibility of Styles 4. Emotional intimacy and gender Gender and Relationship Initiation 2. Clark et al. (1999) 3. Initiating 3. Men 4. Women 4. Frequency of initiating 5. Feelings about initiating 6. Initiation strategies Cancian’s Blueprint for Love Relationships
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7. A sharing of meaning through the transmission of  information
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Women 6. Men Love Relationships 8. Conflict, Resolution, Divorce 9. Dating 7. Format 8. Scripted gender roles Marriage and Committed Relationships 10.Heterosexual and same-sex couples 9. Similarities 10. Differences 11.Marriage Trends 11. Marriage rates have declined, divorce rates doubled 0. More unmarried adults 1. Why? Marriage and Committed Relationships 12.Concepts of love and marriage 12. Men 13. Women 13.Communication between partners 14. Men 15. Women 14.Balance of Power 15.Division of household labor Demand/Withdraw Dissolving Relationships 16.Phases 16. Cohabitation versus Marriage 17.Motives leading to divorce 17. Men 18. Women 18.Effects of Divorce 19. Positive Consequences 20. Negative Consequences...
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Lecture 18_Relationships - 5 Women 6 Men Love Relationships...

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