Lecture 2 Early civilization between the Rivers

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LECTURE 2 Introduction to Western Civilization I History 101 "Early Civilization between the Rivers" I. Civilization A. Pre-industrial civilization B. Defining characteristics C. Location II. "Ancient Mesopotamia" Video Take notes on the following questions. We will discuss your answers after the film. 1. Describe the effects of climate and geography on the development of civilization in ancient Sumeria. 2. What lasting technological innovations did the people of ancient Sumeria and Mesopotamia contribute
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Unformatted text preview: to Western Civilization? 3. How did trade undermine the power of the priestly class in Mesopotamian cities? Who replaced the priests as the central authority? 4. the narrator refers to written law as a contract. Explain. TERMS used in today's presentation: cuneiform ziggurat lugal Code of Hammurabi...
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