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Unformatted text preview: Obedience Things that we do that we know are wrong... Take a few minutes to think about things that you or your friends do that is wrong Why do you think you/they do these things? Does anyone else influence you/them? Who? Discuss... Who does bad things? We want to believe that only bad people do bad things Good people can easily do bad things... Especially when influenced to be obedient by Authority Movie: Milgram Studies The power of the Situation _____________________________ _____________________________ How / Why? Add offered $$$$$ Group was predisposed to cooperate (money/curiosity) Reciprocity Note that when people wanted to leave, the first thing they tried to do was "give the money back" Not everyday someone in a white lab coat asks you to shock a person! People generally don't understand voltage or how electricity works People think they are signed up for a Learning/Memory Experiment Think they are really helping _____________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________ Yale University White Lab Coats Room looks sophisticated Clear Role designations Imagine Christopher Walkin!!! Teacher, Learner, Experimenter Participants afraid of the Consequences ______________________________ You can't see the victim Derogate the victim Marginalize victim's pain Increases obedience... _______________________________ The experimenters said that they would be responsible ______________________________________ Teacher watches the victim get strapped Hear Victim say he has a heart condition Hear Victim screaming/ Pleading But, participants have worked their way up and feel forced to rationalize what they have already done Convince themselves that they have to go on Disobeying is hard; there is often no clear way to stop E.g., if there had been a red lever that said, "Terminate Experiment" Realistic: Conductive Gel! then disobeying would have been easy ...
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