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Social Comparison(3)Outline

Social Comparison(3)Outline - When do we seek Compare When...

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Unformatted text preview: When do we seek Compare? When there is no __________________for us to use When we are ______about ourselves or our ability During _____________situations E.g., subliminal influence effects in the lab, not everyday So with whom do we compare? Surprisingly, in most cases, our initial reaction is to compare ourselves with___________________!!! Automatic especially in novel circumstances But it also depends on our_________ 3 Goals of Social Comparison Self Evaluation Self Improvement Self Enhancement The comparison other doesn't have to be a_________________! Examples? Stanley Schacter People told they were going to get shocked In one group, told it would hurt (severe shock) Then given the opportunity to wait alone or by themselves... In the other, told it would not hurt (nonsevere) Terror Management Theory Human beings are geared towards ____________________ But we know that earthly life is finite These two contradictory implications are terrifying When mortality is made salient__________ We seek to buffer our anxiety: Adopt a Cultural World view Culture World View We do what is necessary to maintain belief in a just world We react brutally to those who oppose it Their presence makes us question the validity of our system Want to be around those who uphold it Look favorably to leaders, religion, material goods This disparity terrifies us Impression Management The flipside of the Social Perception Coin An attempt to get others to see us the way____________________ We want to create and maintain desired identities Not necessarily ________identities E.g. acting weak or depressed to get sympathy IM Continued... Strategic Power Enhancement Identity Maintenance Self Obfuscation Public Construction Validation Obscure who you really are We desire the reaction of others How do we do it? Numerous strategies Ingratiation Flattery, praise, compliments, acquiescing towards someone above you Very powerful: we like when others are nice to us e.g. nice people in an argument drive us crazy! Selective________________ Claims to Identity Behaviors (e.g., Women eating) Basking in___________________ We all do Who Does it? We are all objects of others' perception However, depends on how high we are on__________________ High Self Monitors Industry More motivated to align their behavior with others Actors, Lawyers, Politicians, Salespeople, Fashion Health Implications Smoking, Alcohol, Tanning IM may also lead to... SelfHandicapping YOU create obstacles and excuses for yourself so that if you do poorly, you avoid internal attributions and maintain your selfconcept _____________________ The words "create" and "if" and critical Note that... SelfHandicapping occurs ________the fact Making excuses is ________the fact Not necessarily conscious; may become habitual Men are more likely unless the activity is_________________ Where does SH come from? Based on 2 components of Attribution Discounting Principle Discounting and Augmentation Discounting Example: Not Cheating Possible Cause A (______________) Possible Cause B (______________) Outcome: Not cheating Honest Not Cheating Teacher Present Discounting... Remember the effects of giving rewards to someone who has a high degree of intrinsic motivation? How can you apply this to self handicapping? Your ability Outcome Self Handicapping Activity Augmentation The role of a given cause in producing a given event is __________(augmented) if there are ________________present Serves as an ego boost Outcome + E.g. Scoring well on a Test you didn't study for... Self Handicapping is relevant if you are ________________about your ability to __________at something, or be able to __________your performance E.g. Tucker, Vuchinish, Sobell (1981) 2 X 2 Berglass & Jones (1978) Administered a HighLevel IQ test Problems were either ______________ All were told that they did really well Given an opportunity to take a drug before trial two Pandacrin: Told it Lowers Performance Actavil: Told it Enhances Performance Which drug did those in the unsolvable condition choose? ...
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