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CAPITALISM AND THE CREATION OF RACE: Manifest destiny Creates major need for Labor And land Documented accounts of slavery as a world-wide practice are covered in hundreds of books and articles on the subject reaching as far back to the ancient region of Mesopotamia around 3500 BC. However there was no racialization as we know it. Mostly, there were class differences and one enslaved their enemies whenever possible. Slaves were not seen as inferior due to slavery. There were loopholes for slaves to free themselves. Chattel slavery began with this country. Historically, the English only enslaved non- Christians and it was not life long. But things changed in America where labor went from temporary servants to permanent slavery. Indentured servants: Europeans, Africans By 1619, the use of indentured servants brought the first Africans to America at Jamestown, Virginia. Poor whites also worked during this period as indentured servants—all under
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contract. They all came here to make a new start but did not even have the fare. The ships captain provided the
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