Black Indians - Black Indians The short book, Black...

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Black Indians The short book, Black Indians, was an interesting read for a variety of reasons, the least of which being the illusive nature of the surreptitious but historical subject that was the focus of its investigation. As the story of Black Indians succinctly revealed, even the title itself, the idea of Native Americans and African Americans as two separate and monolithic groups is abjectly illusive given the reality of the diversity of tribes and extensive sociocultural linkages and intermixing that became so pervasive during the early period of African arrival in American lands up to the Civil War. Most striking of all regarding this hidden history revealed in the book Black Indians was the selective nature of History in general especially as a canonical academic discipline. The book Black Indians provided an honest and accurate depiction of a history that included the formerly hidden views into the true nature of European expansion into the so called "New World", which, as became clear in the reading, was only "new" to the invading Europeans. The traditional cannon of history is often uniquely sanctioned or denied based on a distinctly European perspective that is deemed to enhance the primordial presumed level of
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Black Indians - Black Indians The short book, Black...

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