Exam #3 Study Guide

Exam #3 Study Guide - • Array out of bound checking •...

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CSE 100, Department of CSE, Arizona State University Fall 2007, Midterm III Study Guide Exam III will on Thursday Nov 08 Midterm exam will be from the material that we have covered during in lectures 13 through 19 ( Note: read all the lecture notes posted, quiz5 and 6, practice questions posted for quiz 5 and quiz 6) . We will have a review session on Tuesday Nov 06. Topics includes Chapter 7: Void functions (functions that do not return values) Function parameter passing (pass by value, pass by reference) Scope of variables Practice questions from the book (strongly recommend) Q1 (a –f), Q 2, Q4, Q5, Q 11, Q12 (pages 404 – 410) Q6 (page 413) Chapter 9: Arrays – basic definition and features for arrays. Accessing array elements Initializing data members of arrays Simple array operations (reading data into array elements, finding minimum, finding maximum, sum of array elements ….etc) What operations are illegal in arrays (such as cout, cin does not work with arrays)
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Unformatted text preview: • Array out of bound checking • Passing arrays into functions (by reference only) • Can functions return arrays as return data type. • C-String and character arrays • Declaring two dimensional arrays • Initializing data members in two dimensional arrays • Basic operations such as accessing particular element, row and column based operations, finding largest, smallest …etc • Passing two dimensional arrays to functions Practice questions from the book (strongly recommend) Q1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15 (pages 538 – 543) Exam format (similar to exams I and II): You will see 1. True/false questions 2. Multiple selection questions 3. Short answer questions 4. Given a program that has arrays, function calls, determine the output 5. Write small functions, arrays based computation …etc...
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Exam #3 Study Guide - • Array out of bound checking •...

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