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Camp David (2)-1 - Vivian Richmond HIS 120 Prof Hamm...

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Vivian Richmond 04/12/08 HIS 120, Prof. Hamm Failure at Camp David In June of 2000, United States President Bill Clinton met with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) chairman Yasir Arafat at Camp David. The conference lasted 14 days from June 11 to the 25 th . Despite the venue’s calming and peaceful atmosphere, the leaders themselves could not come to an accord. Clinton initiated this meeting to negotiate peace between Israel and the PLO and to settle the hotly debated issue of a Palestinian state on the West Bank. Because of the unacceptable proposals made by Barak, misunderstandings by both parties, and Arafat’s inflexibility and grandstanding for his public at home, the talks ended without agreement and the seemingly never-ending cycle of terrorism and distrust continued. These peace talks failed because Yasir Arafat refused all Israeli offers made by Ehud Barak, who by day 14 was not willing to concede anything more. Barak thought his proposal was generous; it included the resettlement of 95% of Israelis out of the West Bank, and 100% out of the Gaza Strip, Palestinian control over East Jerusalem, including most of the Old City, and "Religious Sovereignty" over the Temple Mount. In exchange, Arafat would have to end all conflict and acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. i
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Camp David (2)-1 - Vivian Richmond HIS 120 Prof Hamm...

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