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Lauren Nitahara October 23, 2005 p. 189 2.  a) Weekly Shortage = $7 / Week b) Economic Surplus = $16.50 / Week 4.  a) 4.5 b)  c)  5.  Producer supply is not the same as profit.  Producer supply is the amount  of goods a producer has at any given time.  Profit is the result of all  revenue minus all costs. 10. a) P = 6 - Q b) p. 216
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Unformatted text preview: 3. a) $250 b) John should recycle cans because he makes $525 more. c) Yes the café is still making an economic profit. The amount of profit has nothing to do with the earnings of recyclers. d) He would have made more money because you can take out the cost of appliances. 6. 7. a) b) 8....
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