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Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete AASHTO T-199 Tim Boyer CM 442 Pre-Lab Purpose The purpose of this lab is to provide a standard method of determining the air content in a given freshly mixed concrete sample by use of the Chace Indicator. Equipment Indicator – Consists of three pieces; a glass tube 75mm long and 25mm in diameter and a stem 6.4mm in diameter; a rubber stopper to fit the larger end of the tube; a metal cup mounted on the smaller end of the stopper Alcohol – 70% isopropyl alcohol Dropper – medicine dropper with a small enough tip to enter stem end of indicator Procedure Fill the cup with cement mortar; rod the mortar in the cup using a stiff wire
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Unformatted text preview: Close smaller end of indicator with a finger; fill tube with alcohol; insert stopper; invert indicator Close stem opening with finger and roll the indicator from vertical to horizontal Continue until all of the mortar is dispersed in alcohol and air bubbles are gone Rotate to vertical position and read level of alcohol Use given table and graphs to determine air content Post-Lab Test Conditions Test Conditions were normal for this procedure. Results Air Content: 2.5% Comments The procedure was followed as written and everything proceeded normally....
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