AASHTO T176 - Level off top Siphon 4 ± 0.1in of CaCl...

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Sand Equivalence Test AASHTO T-176 Tim Boyer CM 442 Pre-Lab Purpose The purpose of this lab is to provide a rapid field test to show the relative proportions of fine dust or claylike material in soils or graded materials. Equipment An apparatus consisting of a graduated plastic cylinder, rubber stopper, irrigator tube, weighted foot assembly and siphon assembly A 3oz tinned box approximately 2-1/4 in diameter and 85 ± 5ml A wide mouthed funnel – approximately 4in in diameter at the mouth A clock or watch with minutes and seconds Mechanical shaker Manually operated shaker Calcium chloride solution (CaCl) Straightedge or spatula – able to strike off excess soil Procedure Take sample that passes through No. 4 sieve Split enough to yield slightly more than four 3-oz tin measures Fill tin measure to slightly rounded over full Tap bottom to allow consolidation
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Unformatted text preview: Level off top Siphon 4 ± 0.1in of CaCl solution Pour prepared sample from tin to plastic cylinder using funnel Tap bottom of cylinder to release air bubbles Allow to stand for about 10 min then insert stopper and invert and shake Place cylinder in mechanical shaker for about 45 seconds Remove cylinder and place upright on table and remove stopper Irrigate material so that fine material is in suspension and allow water to reach about 15 in Allow contents to stand for 20min then measure top level of clay suspension Use weighted foot assembly to measure sand level Post-Lab Test Conditions: The test conditions for this process were normal for the procedure. Results: Sand Reading = 3.80 " Clay Reading = 4.00 " Sand Equivalency = 95.00 % Comments: The procedure was followed as written and everything proceeded normally....
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AASHTO T176 - Level off top Siphon 4 ± 0.1in of CaCl...

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