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ASTM C187 - Toss from one hand to the other about 6in Press...

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Normal Consistency of Hydraulic Cement ASTM C-187 Tim Boyer CM 442 Pre-Lab Purpose The purpose of this lab is to determine the amount of water required to prepare hydraulic cement pastes for testing Equipment Weights and Weighing Devices Glass Graduates – 200 or 250 mL capacity Vicat Apparatus – consisting of a frame, movable rod about 300g in weight (10mm in diameter on one end, 1 mm in diameter at the other), and a ring with an inside diameter of 70mm at the bottom and 60 mm at the top Procedure Mix 650g with amount of water as prescribed in C 305 Quickly form the cement paste into a ball or close
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Unformatted text preview: Toss from one hand to the other about 6in Press the ball into the conical ring, filling the ring with paste Remove excess at larger end. Place ring on its larger end on the base plate and slice off excess paste on larger end Center the paste confined in the ring, resting on the plate, under the rod Set rod to zero and release Complete within 30s of mixing Post-Lab Test Conditions The test conditions for this procedure were normal. Results 200 mL H20 650 g cement W/C= 0.308 Comments The procedure was followed as written and everything proceeded normally....
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