Character Analysis of Nora Helmer

Character Analysis of Nora Helmer - Character Analysis of...

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Character Analysis of Nora Helmer The role of women has always been a controversial issue throughout the world. Each culture has their own idea on the role and place of women. The United States idea of stereotypical gender roles has greatly evolved over the years, reaching virtual gender equality. While the ideas concerning women have evolved, the central idea of women has remained constant. The perfect woman is generally construed to be a great mother, good looking, loyal to her husband, and willing to serve to domestic duties. During the time in which Henrick Ibsen’s, A Doll House , took place, the role of women was very simple to serve her husband and raise her children. Nora Helmer, of Ibsen’s The Doll House, is a deeply complex and manipulative character who seemingly follows the stereotypical gender roles for her time but struggles throughout the play to truly find herself and her purpose because of the impact societies beliefs had upon Nora throughout her life . Nora Helmer demonstrates the complexity of her personality throughout the play through contradicting behavioral patterns. While one may be quick to judge Nora as an ignorant woman without a care in the world, her behavior displays an underlying desire for power and respect. For instance, Nora’s conversation with Kristine Linde in the beginning of Act I demonstrates Nora’s childlike characteristics. When Kristine speaks of her financial troubles and misfortune, Nora responds with an anecdote about Torvald’s new job: “Oh, we’re simply delighted, believe me! He’ll join the bank right after New Year’s and start getting a huge salary and lots of commissions” (Ibsen 562). The excerpt above clearly shows Nora’s inability to realize the blatant inappropriateness and insensitivity of her response. While Nora may still be childlike in some facets, the complexity of her character also demonstrates her desire for a sense of self worth outside that of which that is expected of her. For example, in the same conversation with
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Character Analysis of Nora Helmer - Character Analysis of...

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