PhilRel - notes - day06-fine-tuning

PhilRel - notes - day06-fine-tuning - The “fine-tuning”...

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Unformatted text preview: The “fine-tuning” argument 1. There are twenty five or so basic physical constants that had to be “just so” to make life possible. (Call this the fine-tuning of the cosmos for life. Examples on p. 75.) 2. The probability that such fine-tuning came about purely by chance is extremely low. 3. This is the sort of thing that God (if he exists) might do. 4. So fine-tuning is vastly more likely given the existence of God. 5. Where O is an observation and H 1 and H 2 are competing hypotheses, if P( O / H 1 ) > P( O / H 2 ), then O is evidence for H 1 over H 2 . (Collins’s Prime Principle of Confirmation ) 6. From 4 and 5, it follows that the fine-tuning of the cosmos supports the hypothesis that God exists over the hypothesis that fine-tuning is due to chance. Three commonly heard objections 1. We wouldn’t be here without fine-tuning. So it isn’t at all surprising, and doesn’t require any special explanation....
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PhilRel - notes - day06-fine-tuning - The “fine-tuning”...

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