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Francis Bacon 3/17 Biography – Early Life Francis Bacon was born at York House in Strand, London January 22, 1561. He was raised as an English gentlemen, the youngest of five sons of Sir Nicholas Bacon and his mother Ann Cooke, Sir Nicholas's second wife. His maternal aunt married William Cecil (Lord Burghley), the chief minister of Queen Elizabeth I. Bacon received an education at home in his early years, and at the time his health was rather delicate. He then enter Trinity College, Cambridge in 1573 at the age of twelve, living there for three years. At Cambridge was where he first met the Queen, who was impressed by his precocious intellect, gave him the nickname “the Young Lord Keeper.” His studies brought him to the conclusion that the methods of science of his day were wrong and erroneous. He did not like Aristotelian philosophy, which to him seemed barren and wrong in its objectives (next page). On June 27, 1576, he was entered de societate magistrorum at Gray's Inn, and a few months later went abroad with Sir Amias Paulet, the English ambassador at Paris. This visit to France allowed him the valuable political instruction that he soon would use later in his life. The sudden death of his father in February 1579 necessitated Bacon's return to England. His father, Sir Nicholas had saved a considerable amount of money to purchase an estate for Francis, but died before doing so, leaving Francis with only a fifth of that money. Insufficient means forced Bacon into borrowing money and he became hibitually in debt. To support himself, he took residence in law at Gray's Inn in the late 1579 (next page). Biography – Career Bacon's goals were threefold: discovery of truth, service to his country, and service to the church. Francis applied for a post at court in 1580 to devote himself to a life of learning. His application failed, and for two years he worked quietly at Gray's Inn giving himself seriously to the study of law. In 1584 he took his seat in parliament for Melcombe in Dorset, and subsequencely for Taunton in 1586. He wrote on the condition of parties in the church, and he wrote down his thoughts
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oral_speech - Francis Bacon 3/17 Biography Early Life...

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