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homework8 - Physics 321 Autumn Quarter 2015 Electrodynamics...

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Physics 321, Autumn Quarter 2015 Electrodynamics: Homework Assignment 8 (a) Turn in all problems and clearly note all constants and assumptions you use. (1-point penalty each otherwise) (b) Use 8 ½ x 11 paper & staple (1-point penalty each otherwise) Due 9:30 am Tuesday November 24 (Short problem set due to Holiday week) 1. An electret is the electrical equivalent of the permanent magnet. In most dielectrics, the polarization vanishes quickly upon removal of the external field. Some dielectrics retain their polarization for a long time. The longest time I know of are in some polymers that have extrapolated lifetimes of thousands of years. Anyway, consider a flat sheet of thickness d of such a material with uniform polarization
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