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homework6 - Physics 321 Autumn Quarter 2015 Electrodynamics...

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Physics 321, Autumn Quarter 2015 Electrodynamics: Homework Assignment 6 (a) Turn in all problems and clearly note all constants and assumptions you use. (1-point penalty each otherwise) (b) Use 8 ½ x 11 paper & staple (1-point penalty each otherwise) Due 9:30 am Thursday November 12 1. Challenge problem. Consider the capacitor shown below. Each plate has length L and width W . The capacitor plates are not quite parallel. The gap is d on one side and d + δ d on the other. Ignoring fringing fields, find the electrostatic potential between the plates. Hint: this problem has multiple symmetries: how can these symmetries be applied to Laplace’s equation? |.- L_-__-- i d +:'-{
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2. Consider two semi-infinite grounded planes joining at an angle π /3 as shown below. A charge + Q is not necessarily along the mid-plane. Make a careful sketch showing the size and positions of charges for the corresponding image-charge problem. 3. Consider a lightning cloud drifting overhead. At the earth’s surface
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