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phil paper5 - yet mandate that no one be allowed to choose...

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Mallory Zaccone 04/ 08/ 08 PHIL 101.003 Response Paper #5 Dr. Boyle Assisted Suicide Mr. Richard Doerflinger has done an amazing job in this piece of representing the extreme narrow-mindedness of his position on assisted suicide. His entire argument is based on an assumption that there are no choices after death. Who is he to assume what happens after death? No one knows for sure, so how can he base an argument on ground that shaky? It seems to me that he runs into the same situation as those debating the potential of a fetus in cases of abortion. Because there are no real certainties in the potential for life or the potential of there being no choices after death, one cannot assume that the other side is completely wrong when their own side is not even solid in facts. What was really appalling to me about his argument is that he feels it necessary to decide that all choices are acceptable, except assisted suicide. Does that not contradict his entire argument about choices? How can you believe in complete freedom of choice and
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Unformatted text preview: yet mandate that no one be allowed to choose death at the same time? To truly believe in freedom of choice, you cannot exclude any choice, even if it does involve the end of a life. A person who truly does not want to live has made his/her decision and will basically have no life at all except in wishing that they were dead. Even if assisted suicide is not available, a person who chooses to die will do so by any means necessary. Again, it parallels to abortion in this manner in that women wishing to have an abortion will do so any way they can, legal or otherwise. So, even if assisted suicide is outlawed, people will devise another means of ending their life in most likely a much less peaceful manner. I also wondered why he chose not to think about the possibility that perhaps death brings happiness, thereby completing his circle of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If happiness has been achieved, then what other decisions need to be made?...
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phil paper5 - yet mandate that no one be allowed to choose...

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