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PROFESSOR'S STUDY GUIDE: Musical Acoustics, by Donald E. Hall, 3rd edition, (Brooks/Cole, 2002). Phys 1240 (Prof. Holland, Sp08) Chapter 5: Here's what I would say if I was just being superficial/using the textbook: Sound intensity and decibels. Here's what I would have said if trying to be more specific: Define, distinguish and relate amplitude, energy, and intensity. Define sound intensity level and the decibel. Basic mathematical understanding of decibel - how to add SIL's, relation to intensity ratios. Apply powers of 10, scientific notation to decibel problems. Relate effect of distance from source to intensity and decibels. Here's what I say when trying to be specific , operational, AND student-centered. Decide whether energy, power, or intensity is the "relevant quantity" in a basic physical
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Unformatted text preview: situation, and/or relate them. Explain why it makes sense that intensity of a given sound is independent of the area of the detector, but energy absorbed from that sound does depend on the area. Describe why and how sound intensity level (decibels) is related to, but different from, intensity. Describe what a given change in decibels sounds/feels like as you change the intensity Explain qualitatively why we use decibels, what does this tell us about our perception of intensity? Explain how the decibels change if you change the intensity, and vice versa. Describe the impact on your ears (how much more energy flow?) when raising a sound by some number of decibels....
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