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PROFESSOR'S STUDY GUIDE: Musical Acoustics, by Donald E. Hall, 3rd edition, (Brooks/Cole, 2002). Phys 1240 (Prof. Holland, Sp08) CHAPTER 1: Here's what I would say if I was just being superficial/using the textbook: Physical nature of sound, speed of sound, pressure amplitudes. Here's what I would have said if trying to be more specific: Define a wave, represent it in various ways. Be able to define wavelength. frequency, amplitude of wave. Know and use metric units for these. Distinguish longitudinal from transverse waves Understand velocity of a wave (and distinguish this from motion of particles). What does the speed of a wave depend on (in general) facility relating speed of sound in air and Temperature Distinguish force, energy, and pressure Define and relate pitch and frequency, loudness and amplitude.
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Unformatted text preview: Here's what I say when trying to be specific, operational, AND student-centered. Note the differences!! Describe waves: represent them in various ways (esp graphs), and tell a story about how the individual little particles of the medium are moving for various kinds of waves (e.g. sound, ripples on a pond, etc. ..) Predict how the speed of sound will change if you change various aspects of the sound itself or the room (raise pitch? Make it louder? Heat up the room?) Predict how what you hear (pitch and loudness) will depend on the frequency and amplitude of a sound synthesizer. Calculate the distance from a source (like the lightning strike, or a baseball player) if you hear a sound at a different time than you see the event that caused it (taking into account echos, if relevant!)...
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