Medea's Revenge

Medea's Revenge - Medea's Revenge One of the biggest...

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Medea’s Revenge One of the biggest masterpieces of the 5 th century is the play Medea , written by Euripides is just a continuance of the story of two mythological characters, Jason and Medea, in which Jason decides to marry the princess of the Corinth and causes Medea to be sent to exile. This, of course, triggers a series of theories about how Medea will get revenge on Jason. Medea’s plan for revenge is not clear at first, but she is positive that she wants Jason to suffer just as much as she did. She is somewhat unsure of how to achieve her goal; however, towards the end of the play, she decides that she has the perfect plan to get even with Jason. Initially, we are informed that Jason neglects his children for the new bride. Medea is deeply dismayed by the recent news of Jason’s marriage. It is evident that Medea is thinking of some outrageous thing, for she certainly will not put up with this kind of betrayal. In the opening lines the nurse foreshadows Medea’s desire for revenge in these lines: “I’m afraid she may think of some dreadful thing, For her heart is violent. She will never put up with The treatment that she is getting. I know and fear her Lest she might sharpen a sword and thrust to the heart, Stealing into the palace where the bed is made,
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Medea's Revenge - Medea's Revenge One of the biggest...

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