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Unit 6 Mai Le Unit 6 Project SS260-03: Gender and Society 1
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Unit 6 Unit 6 Project 1. Introduction to Psychology identifies several models that have been developed that suggest there is more than one kind of intelligence. Charles Spearman developed model measures two different type of intelligence: g is general intelligence and s is specific abilities (Robert, p 117). Robert Steinberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence is comprised of analytical intelligence, creative intelligence and practical intelligence. And the newest model of intelligence developed by Howard Gardner believe that there are nine multiple intelligences includes linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematic intelligence, musical intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence. The feel that is Robert Steinberg’s triarchic theory applies best to me because that is exactly the way I always use to solve problem. I can tell breaking a problem into part make it becomes simpler. It is also easier to learn music, language or some other subjects by practice part by part, topic by topic. Beside I am often praised for my creative solutions for problems. People have told me I have good common sense. I also agree that common sense is a type of intelligence because
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MaiLe-Project-Unit6 - Unit 6 1 Mai Le Unit 6 Project...

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