Nursing Professionalism

Nursing Professionalism - Nursing Professionalism...

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Nursing Professionalism— Occupation - pizza delivery person, landscape worker, bank teller… -on the job training -length of training varies -mostly manual labor (skill set where you make, produce, or sell something; not necessarily hard work) -values, beliefs, & ethics are not features of preparation -workers are supervised (managers are present) -material reward in key (incentives for “selling the most”) (tangible rewards) -accountability rests with employer -trial and error decisions -job changes frequently Profession - nurse, doctor, banker… -education in university -prolonged standardized education -work is mainly intellectual -values, beliefs & ethics are key -workers autonomous -commitment above material reward -personal accountability -decision making=science, theory -little professional change (might change specialty, but probably not professions) Historical Student Behaviors — not in today’s world -obedience to authority -self-deprivation -rigid rules of conduct -schools tolerated no misconduct
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Nursing Professionalism - Nursing Professionalism...

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