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Test 3 Lecture Notes - Alternative Medicine 8-10 questions...

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Alternative Medicine 8-10 questions Mind-Body Medicine 8-10 questions Film on Chinese Medicine 6-8 questions Licensing 8-10 questions Legal Issues: Definitions 8-10 questions Legal Issues: Risks and Responsibilities 8-10 questions “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”-essay and 3-5 questions Chapter 10: pp. 237-269, Chapter 4: pp. 86-111, Fadiman text in its entirety. Mind-Body Medicine Focus on interactions among the brain, mind, body and behavior Powerful ways emotional, mental, social, spiritual and behavioral factors can affect health. Respects each person’s capacity for self-knowledge and self-care Hippocrates- recognized the moral and spiritual aspects of healing Belief that healing could occur only with consideration of attitude, environment, and natural remedies Western Medicine— 16 – 17 th centuries- redirection of science and separation of the body from the spirit or emotion Technological advances separated cellular world from belief and emotion WWII – importance of belief reentered health care Morphine-placebo effect research 35 % of response could be related to belief Studies on cardiac disease, pain, cancer indicate mind-body interventions are effective Chinese medicine— Integrated approach continued for over 2000 years No separation of mind and body Purpose is to restore balance and release energy A balanced mind, body and spirit help to prevent illness and promote wellness Acupuncture— Stimulation of anatomical points on the body Body is a delicate balance of yin and yang Ying= cold and yang = hot Imbalance leads to blockage in the flow of qi (chi) Acupuncture can unblock qi along meridians in the body and restore balance Uses- Pain control Allergies Anesthesia during surgery Migraine headaches Infertility Various diseases like cancer and heart disease Ayurvedic medicine (India)— Integrate and balance the body, mind and spirit
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People, their health and the universe are all related. Herbs, metals, massage and other products are used to cleanse the body and restore balance Therapies— Eliminate impurities- fasting, special diets, special oils, enemas Reduce symptoms- yoga, stretching, breathing, medicine, herbs and spices Reduce worry and increase harmony- yoga medication and exercise Eliminate physical and psychological problems- massage, medicinal oils Homeopathy - Stimulates the body’s defense mechanisms to prevent or treat illness Very small doses of “remedies” that produce symptoms of illness in healthy people of they were given in larger doses Treatment is individualized Looks at total patient Remedies are developed from natural substances- plants, minerals or animal Remedies are highly diluted Sold as liquid, pellet or tablet Not known to interfere with prescription drugs Common preparations- Zicam (flu) and nasal spray Research- stroke, dementia, pain and cancer
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Test 3 Lecture Notes - Alternative Medicine 8-10 questions...

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