Nursing Values Clarification

Nursing Values Clarification - Values Clarification...

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Values Clarification— Values -freely chosen principles, ideals, or standards -held by individuals or groups -ideas that give meaning to life -relatively stable and resistant to change Values clarification is a process that moves in three stages: -initial choice and ranking of values -reflection on which of the chosen values to prize -map a strategy of action to achieve the values chosen -choosing (intellectual) -prizing (emotional) “how does that value make you feel?” -acting (behavioral) - learning: -Drawbacks: -expression of one’s preference or priorities does not imply that they are justifiable or that they ought to be preferred -a desire does not imply that it ought to be acted upon Examples— -“Patients should always be told the truth about their diagnosis” -1. choose value (cognitive) -2. prize (emotional) -3. act (kinesthetic) -what values are chosen, does that make it right? -“Severely impaired infants should be kept alive, regardless of their future quality of life” -1. choose (intellectual) -2. prize (emotional) -3. act (kinesthetic) -name the values chosen, to justify either decision. -“A doctor should receive a heart transplant before a homeless person does” -1. choose (intellectual) -2. prize (emotional) -3. act (kinesthetic) -which values justify each decision? Professional Values—
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-a values system is a framework -acts as a guide to behavior -a basis for what a person thinks about, choose, feels, or acts upon -values are reflected in patterns of behavior -professional values are the foundation of practice Altruism: concern for the welfare of others; caring, compassionate, have perseverance, committed -demonstrates nonjudgmental understanding of cultures, beliefs, and perspectives of others -takes risks on behalf of patients and colleagues; might include arguing -mentors other professionals -acts as a patient advocate; they depend on you to stand up for their rights Equality: having the same rights, privileges, or status; accepting, fair, high self-esteem, assertive, nonjudgmental
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Nursing Values Clarification - Values Clarification...

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