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1. What benefits come to a person as a result of being a nurse? 2. What hardships come as a result of being a nurse? -no power 3. Several of the people interviewed suggest that nursing is not valued in our society. Several others describe the work of nursing as women’s work. How are these two concepts linked? -people want others to care, but they don’t value those that do 4. What does the film have to say about early nursing education? Include such concepts as segregation, training sites, hospital employment, and the exploitation of students and nurses? -1 black and 1 Jew to each class -nurse drafts wouldn’t take very many colored nurses; Navy wouldn’t take any -media helped to destroy quotas for blacks 5. The public health movement is perhaps the finest hour of nursing in the U.S. Describe the movement, relating its timing, the patients and nurses, the care given, and its
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Unformatted text preview: diminution as viable practice.-Henry Street visiting nurses 6. The film describes several images of nurses. Compare the three distinct images as seen in the following: The Civil War and the early nursing student-the hospitals were so bad that hurt men would rather die than go there-Florence Nightingale- miracle worker The nurse in the 1920s and1930s as seen in public ads-during the depression, nurses weren’t seen as important-nurses worked for minimal wages, if any at all; most received only room and board The nurse in the World Wars-nurses were finally seen as important 7. Do the persons interviewed, especially the nurses, seem hopeful about nursing? What clues are offered about their satisfaction and frustration with their practices?-“thank yous” from patients-the higher up in the profession, the less patient contact...
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