Sociology Final - 1. A gang is a group of people more...

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1. A gang is a group of people more specifically adolescents who unite into what we could call to some extremes a brotherhood bonded by the sheer factor of crime and breaking the law. A gang is something that acts as an army protecting what they call their turf from other neighborhoods. Yet they do it in such a fashion not to make the neighborhood safer but to make it more dangerous as they flood their towns with not only there dangerous violent antics but their drug abuse and drug dealing to. The history of gangs go way back probably with the earliest forms of gangs coming from the Wild Wild West. Gangsters in those days were typically found in the west as towns were small and separate it made stealing and causing trouble a bit easier with law enforcement being crooked and low to. As the millennium progressed the United states started to see a new type of gang as the industrial era quickly came about. These gangs originated from Italy and were known as the mafia. They made their way by making people pay dues or protection fees. As long as these small business paid these dues they got protection but if they stopped that’s were the trouble would start. As the industrial era came to a close and the cities were quickly turning into the slums around
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Sociology Final - 1. A gang is a group of people more...

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