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Dracula 2-2 - Origins of Myth I. What is Myth? 1. Sacred...

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Origins of MythI. What is Myth?1.Sacred History/World Origins2.Nonhuman/Partially Human Characters3.In the Past4.Not Necessarily True5.If Connected to Ritual, Usually True and SymbolicII. Mythology1.Simply the study of myth, with focus on a general type or that which isparticular to a certain group/culture2.Upper/Lower Mythologya.Upperi.Myth dealing with upper realms1.Heavens2.Positive gods (creation gods)3.Positive sense of afterlifeb.Loweri.Myth dealing with lower realms1.Negative gods (destruction gods)2.Negative sense of afterlife`3.Earth4.Demonsii.Demonology1.Study of demons as myth2.Any type of malicious entityIII. Four Parts of Myth1.Forma.Usually narrative2.Contenta.Usually beginnings of the world/environment3.Functiona.Examples and models for proper living4.Contexta.RitualsIV. How to Analyze Myth1.Four Categories of Mytha.Historicali.Natural environment of eventb.Psychologicali.Usage of emotionsc.Sociologicali.Explains societyd.Structurali.Organization of world and culture
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