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Summary Bowen McCoy was the first participant in a new six-month sabbatical program that would take him across the Himalayas. Bowen’s friend Stephen also accompanied him as his sole Western companion and an anthropologist. Six years before this voyage Bowen had suffered pulmonary edema, a type of altitude sickness, at 16,500 feet near the base camp of Everest, and on this voyage they would be climbing over 18,000 feet above sea level. The height combined with the fact that the Himalayas were experiencing their wettest spring in 20 years with hip-deep snow gave Bowen a cause for concern about his health. The group was at the half-way point of the 60-day Himalayan trekking portion of the trip when they came to the base of the 18,000 ridge that they would have to pass in order to continue their trip any farther. Bowen states that he was fearful that “the last half of our once-in-a-lifetime trip would be ruined” if they did not make over this pass. After camping at 14,500 feet the group started off at 3:30 AM so that they could get over the
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