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Eagle Rapids Engineering Case

Eagle Rapids Engineering Case - Case Analysis Template...

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Case Analysis Template Business Ethics Assigned Case ______Eagle Rapids Engineering_______________________ Your name ___________Joe Murphy_______________________________ Briefly summarize case: Michael Furfey has recently taken over Eagle Rapids Engineering, and the company was doing quite well. But injuries started occurring more and more frequently when the company switched to making medical equipment, and the injuries were starting to hint at severity. His machines were a bit out-dated, and new machines would prevent a lot of the injuries, but they were extremely expensive and if he decides to buy them it could tip the company either way—either to Easy Street or debtors’ prison. Primary Dilemma: _The new machines would bring the risk for injury down, but they could also force the company to lose everything.___ Stakeholder Analysis (interests, rights & who has the corresponding duty). List Primary Stakeholders: Furfey, Furfey’s Investors, Employees, Bank, Equipment Manufacturer, and the community Stakeholder (choose 1): ___ Michael Furfey ____________________ Relevant Interests : Make money; keep workers safe; pay off the bank; keep investors happy Relevant Rights including person that has corresponding duty : attempt to expand his
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