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PowerMaster Dilemma and Enabling Factors

PowerMaster Dilemma and Enabling Factors - Primary Dilemma...

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Primary Dilemma As a corporation the primary dilemma in this case would be the extent to which this complaint has to be honored. The company has one primary interest: making money. The corporation has total authority to make any decision it pleases in chasing this goal, but in this situation the business practices are being questioned by a minority. This forces the corporation to consider what extent they ought to listen to a particular demographic in order to please that group. Enabling Factors One of the factors that have enabled this situation is the large number of minorities that exist today in society. There are a wide variety of social groups that associate together, and each has values that it holds in high regard; for this Native American group Crazy Horse was a very influential individual just as John Paul II was for Roman Catholics as cited in the complaint letter. The wide variety of groups which each hold their own ideas about individuals has created a situation that allows for
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