Leviticus-Tom Pascal

Leviticus-Tom Pascal - Leviticus, though often pushed to...

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Leviticus, though often pushed to the side, disregarded as irrelevant and archaic, is, in my view, ever more so the cornerstone of a religion as fluid, nuanced and centered on philosophical discourse ( which is the driving force behind this sometimes agonizing fluidity)as Judaism or, as is more apt a name for the purpose of this course " the religion of these people". The main source of proof of this fact is in the very purpose of the text, which aims, at least as can be interpreted in our time, to provide a continual safeguard for the purely spiritual and emotional aspects of the religion, those we traditionally characterize collectively as the concept of "faith". While one is no longer able to perform sacrificial offerings since the destruction of the Bais HaMigdash, we are still expected to maintain extremely close ties to G-d through our hearts. One aspect of the religion in general that deals with this subject but that was rather unnerving ( as I'd always been comfortable with the admittedly egotistic notion that Jews are the "Chosen People) was the fact that these people needed to perform sacrifices at all, much less in such a graphic manner. This seemed an unusually barbaric and primitive practice, one that, as my media- centered upbringing had led me to believe, was relegated to some groups of long- forgotten warring tribes at the ends of the world and would never relate to a belief system so noble, one in which wars were most likely fought with words. One in which a "round table" led by great tzaddikim was the everyday norm and the method of practice. Needless to say, there was a certain amount of temporary disillusionment here.
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Leviticus-Tom Pascal - Leviticus, though often pushed to...

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