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The Seven Wonders of the ancient world are: 1) The Pyramids of Egypt are three pyramids at Giza, outside modern Cairo, on the West Bank of the Nile The 10 Pyramids of Giza ( the first 3 being the largest) were built over a time of 200 years ( from 2700 to 2500 BC), mostly using slave workers and prisoners of King Khufu, who lifted the two million three hundred thousand blocks , each weighing almost 3 tons, to build the pyramids as tombs and places of honor. The slaves pulled the bricks up the mud ramps to create the pyramids, The slanted sides, which measure 755 feet long, are meant to help the king climb the heavens and also to be an important religious symbol having to do with the sun gods. The slaves pulled the bricks up the mud ramps to create the pyramids, 2) The Hanging Gardens of Babylon . The Hanging Gardens were to be in modern Iraq, and, like the mausoleum, was a gift. Nebuchadnezzer II built this great beauty for his wife Amytis, who wanted to be reminded of the beauty of her homeland, Media. The plants looked like they were hanging in though they were actually grown on rooftops and had long vines which covered the houses below, making them look like they were floating. Finally, scientists discovered that even though Babylon was really a desert, the plants were watered through a pump system, though they cannot prove this yet. 3)
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The_Seven_Wonders_of_the_ancient_world__are[1][1] - The...

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